2018’s first islamic terror attacks the establishment does not want you to know about

We’re not hearing much about what are very likely the first two Islamic terror attacks to strike the West in 2018. Could this have anything to do with the establishment’s plan to end terrorism by pretending terror attacks are random, unconnected incidents? They wouldn’t lie to us like that, would they?

On New Year’s Day, 23 year old Syrian Ahmad Al-H. attacked several people with a knife in Berlin. His motives were a complete mystery, at least to people suffering from liberalism, but a couple of days later it turned out the man was asking his victims if they were Turks, and started stabbing them only after they had told him they were Germans. His victims, including a mother and her child, were all Germans. Per protocol, Ahmad Al-H. has now been dubbed a “deranged individual” by the mainstream media.

On January 3rd, an Egyptian man killed a 24 year old Japanse man and wounded two Irishmen in a knife attack in Dundalk, Ireland. After that, he attacked unarmed police responders with a metal pipe. It seems the man is an asylum hopper, who went to Ireland after he was rejected for a permit in the UK. The police are not ruling out a link to terrorism, but remain unsure. The Irish themselves have made up their minds though:


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