Belgium to release 28 radicalized Muslims from prison this year

Belgium will release 28 radicalized Muslims from prison this year. Of course, I am assuming they are Muslims, as Belgian media only call them “radicalized”. Apparently, some have fought in Syria, others attempted to travel to Syria, some were convicted of being part of terrorist organizations, and one is a “convert” but we cannot know what he has converted to – we only know he is a “hate preacher”. The Belgian edition of Metro has managed to write this entire article without mentioning the words Islam or Muslim even once.

This news comes just days after a radicalized Muslim killed four people, including two female police officers, in Liege while on prison leave.

Among the 28 are both Muslims convicted for terrorism and prisoners who converted and / or radicalized behind bars. 76 Muslims with ties to radicalism and terrorism were released from Belgian prisons last year.

Belgian security services will follow up on the radical Muslims once they are out of prison, but the number of terror attacks committed by jihadis who were “known to the authorities” or on watch lists offers a sad indication of the effectiveness of that measure.

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