New Zealanders surrendering guns after seeing proof that the police cannot keep them safe

The aftermath of the despicable terrorist attack in Christchurch shows the utter irrationality of the left. The shootings left 50 people dead. While armed police were on the scene in 6 minutes, it took another half hour to get the shooter into custody. I am not judging the work of the men and women in the police force risking their own safety to protect others, but this gave the terrorist time, and in that time he took 50 lives. In rural areas, police would need more time to adequately respond.

During the minutes when it matters most, police cannot always be there to help you. This should underscore how important it is that we, as citizens, are capable of defending ourselves against madmen. Instead, the New Zealand government has jumped upon the bloodbath as a precursor to confiscate people’s guns, announcing tighter gun control within 24 hours after the attack. ‘Now that we have proven that we cannot protect you, you’re going to have to give up your ability to protect yourself so that you can feel safe’. And the left celebrates this as desirable and logical.

Book store Whitcoulls has stopped selling Jordan B Peterson’s book 12 Rules For Life, relating the book to “extremely disturbing material being circulated” without making clear if and how Peterson’s book specifically is related to the attack, or contains disturbing material. Perhaps standing up straight, pursuing what is meaningful, telling the truth or petting cats on the street could send unsuspecting readers over the edge into extremism.

How many book stores banned the Quran after islamic terrorist attacks? Please note that this is not even an adequate comparison: the Quran actually serves as inspiration for terrorist violence, while Peterson’s book has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Peterson does not condone terrorism or violence, he does not call on his readers to engange in terrorism or violence, and Peterson is not even in the same ideological sphere as the Christchurch shooter.

The only way one can earnestly believe that gun control would make people safer is if one believes that introducing a law will magically make all the guns disappear. It does not work that way, and that makes these measures purely symbolic, intended to give people – in a time of need – the illusion of leadership and safety.

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