NYT article critizes Amazon for selling ‘Islamophobia’, communism fine

The NYT published a 600 word article about White Supremacist merchandise being sold on Amazon. There was no mention in the article about the communist merchandise also being sold on Amazon. Why is that?

~ Far Left Watch

The ‘report’ from Partnership from Working Families and the Action Center on Race and the Economy, is referenced in the NYT article with scientific pretense. But it conflates actual extremist imagery like swastikas with Pepe The Frog, the Confederate flag and even the non-existent but always eagerly cited by the left “Islamophobia”.

It is a time tested tactic for the left to declare all right wing ideas, organizations and symbols as extremist, while ignoring political extremism on the left. Respected journalistic institutes subserviently allow themselves to be hijacked for this thought policing activism.

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