‘A win for diversity’

After France won the World Cup of soccer last Sunday, the establishment was quick to claim it as a victory for ‘diversity’, since France played with an almost entirely non-white team and politics these days is distilling down everything to ethnicity and group identity. That same establishment was mysteriously silent and laid back about the massive riots, looting and sex attacks that took place during the celebrations on that same night, which is strange because the demographic makeup of the rioters was strikingly similarly to that of the national soccer team.

Two children were severely wounded after they were hit by a motor cycle, which sped off after the collision, 45 police officers were injured, dozens of cars were flipped and / or torched, many stores were plundered. Mainstream media tried to ignore or at least play down the severity of the riots, but as increasing amounts of footage began to circulate social media, the extent of the destruction became painfully clear.

By now dozens of women have shared on Twitter their stories of being attacked, harrassed and sexually assaulted in the aftermath of France’s victory. Another built-in feature of multiculturalism.

One of the many problems of identity politics is that you don’t get to celebrate it the couple of times it seems to yield results (especially something as superficial as sports) and then ignore all the times it goes wrong. “Billions in welfare, low employment rates, high crime rates, a thousand dead Europeans and thousands more raped. BUT WE WON THE FOOTBALL!”

The same thing happened when a pedestrian bridge in Florida was celebrated by the left as a testament to diversity in engineering, but then it collapsed just a few days after its opening – and then the establishment had to rush in to explain to us how the collapse had nothing to do with the ‘diverse’ engineering crew.

‘Diversity Bridge is falling down, my fair lady’


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