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We, common people, are better connected, better informed and better organized than ever. These days we have a better chance than ever of taking back power over our own lives and control of our own destinies. There is an unprecedented pressure on our ruling classes and traditional belief systems, but the elites will not go down without a fight. Access to information is key in the current rise of the common man, “the everyman”, so my goal is to help spread the information that the establishment does not want us to have. To break their taboos, to tear down their ideology and power base so that they may disintegrate before our great civilization does.

The establishment narrative undeservedly has an aura of hope and morality, which has come to be mostly because the establishment has been conditioning us to think their way ever since we first stepped into a public school. Although it is hard, because the contrast between the dominant narrative and reality is so immense, I think it important to strip the mainstream ideology of that upbeat feeling, and present my own message in a hopeful and positive manner wherever possible.


About me

I had abandoned writing about politics, but seeing the ever increasing polarization among the population, the relentless personal attacks from the (generally left-wing) establishment on their (generally right-wing) challengers made me realize that this is no time to stand idly by and hoping for the best. Although writing articles does not seem like much, I hope that by spreading truth and critical thought I can contribute to my best abilities. We are fighting a war of information and communication. The establishment owns the institutions – they have the funds and the power to shut down the people they don’t like. But they can’t muzzle us all, so the more there are of us, the better.

I publish my articles here using a pseudonym. Unfortunately, writing under my own name has had negative consequences both personally and professionally in the past. That is something I don’t mind choosing for myself, but I do not want it to reflect in any way on my family. However, I do not intend to make it hard for anyone to find my real name, so you do not win a prize for finding out my true identity.


The Everyman

The name derives from a 15th century English morality play called Everyman (or The Somonyng of Everyman in full). The play deals with salvation of the soul from a Christian perspective, that suggests man’s good and evil deeds will be weighed against each other by god after one’s death. To me, the everyman represents the individual and his inalienable sovereignty – as opposed to the ruling elite, which perceives itself as being above the rest of the population. In an ideal world, I believe everyman should be his own king and his own god – and should not bow down to any other human or institution.


Left and right

While I realize that “left” and “right” in politics are outdated terms, I still use them. It is an automatism to be honest, but most of know who is who. Unless otherwise specified, when I use the words “left” and “right” I am referring to the two sides in the culture war. On the left, there are the politically correct, the cultural marxists, the postmodernists. On the right, there are the traditionalists who support Western civilization.

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