Activist group led by Green Left wants to illegally bring migrants to The Netherlands

A pro-immigration activist group in The Netherlands is preparing for a trip to Greece with the purpose of picking up migrants there and bringing them here. One of the organizers is a member of a city council for the Green Left party. “What?” you might say. “An elected official conspiring to break the law and openly engage in what may well be considered human trafficking?” Yes, it does seem odd, but it’s the left and they can pretty much do what they want, can’t they, because they mean ever so well.

The group has asked the Greek government to select migrants they could pick up and three weeks ago they were still working out whether they could actually transport migrants back to The Netherlands, basically admitting that their plan is at least symbolicallyvery close to human trafficking. If they couldn’t get the legalities figured out, the trip would be made anyway, but merely. The news update does not specify what the expectations are now.

The left makes a habit of upholding only the laws they agree with enough, but an established political party physically aiding people to illegally immigrate into the country takes the cake – especially considering how heated the immigration debate already is.



After leaving, the bus broke down before they had even left The Netherlands, then again (and definitively) in Germany. The Dutch national prosecutors’ office by then had already made a statement that they were following the endeavor and would step in if the group would actually bring migrants to The Netherlands. The Greek government had also made it known that they did not approve of the plan.

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