AfD big winners in German election. Left responds as always: violently.

In the general election in Germany today Angela Merkel’s CDS / CSU party suffered a big loss, dropping from 41.5% of the votes to 33.5% – but they still are the country’s biggest political party and therefore will continue to lead its government. The big winners were right-wing Afd (Alternatives For Germany), becoming Germany’s third party with 13% of the votes. Already the left is responding the way it always does when democracy is not going its way: with violence.

While AfD gathers to celebrate its election results, a huge mob outside of the building is becoming increasingly violent, already throwing bottles and skirmishing with the police. This is how the left feels about democracy. This is how the left responds when their ideals are being challenged. They will not allow a peaceful transition of power, they refuse to relinquish their failed ideology and they refuse to acknowledge and respect other points of view. I’m sure there will be people on the left saying this is just some extremists, but the extremists have for decades been tolerated and celebrated by the mainstream left. Even more on the left will say AfD has this coming, deserves this, for daring to challenge the establishment’s ideas about mass immigration and multiculturalism.

These people cannot be trusted with power.

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