AfD’s Frank Magnitz beaten half to death by the far left

Frank Magnitz, member of the German parliament for the AfD, was beaten half to death on Monday January 7 in what appears to be an assassination attempt by masked Antifa members. Even the police are admitting that the attack was politically motivated, while the endless array of attacks against AfD since the party’s inception have gone largely unpunished. Just four days earlier, there was a bombing attack on AfD’s office in Döbeln.

Magnitz was ambushed by three masked men who beat him to the ground and continued punching and stomping on his head while already unconscious. The politician was saved by a passer-by; from the looks of it, without this intervention he would not have survived the cowardly attack.

While spokespeople for all major political parties in Germany have condemned the attack, their continuing rhetoric painting nationalists as racists and nazis legitimizes and motivates similar attacks. You cannot warn people that Hitler has returned and not expect some of them to want to kill him. The far left’s delusion that everyone to their right is ‘literally Hitler’ is fed by constant mainstream smears, and this is the tragic but logical result.




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