After Charlottesville and Barcelona: MSM hypocrisy out in the open

The terror attacks in Charlottesville and Barcelona were just five days apart. In both cases, a vehicle (in Charlottesville a car, in Barcelona a van) was used to overrun pedestrians. In both cases with fatal consequences. However, the treatment of the two cases by the mainstream media is staggeringly (although predictably) different.

Charlottesville lead to international upheaval and discussions about “the right” and “the far-right”, implicating just about anyone and everyone right of the political center as guilty parties in the attack. After Barcelona, just like after all other islamic terror attacks, the mainstream media go to bizarre extremes not to mention any connection to the obvious motive of the attackers. While they literally shout their convictions and intentions while massacring the innocent, and they have books and people literally telling them to do the things they have done, traditional media outlets manage to fill entire news papers and entire talk shows without even mentioning the word “Islam” or “Muslim” once.

Several magazines paint President Trump as a supporter of the KKK, or even as a Klansman himself. It is painfully clear how differently they treat the actual inspirations behind Islamic terror attacks, while implicating Trump in something from which he explicitly distanced himself. Still, it seems unlikely that The New Yorker would update their proposed new cover to fit the Barcelona attack.

During news broadcasts about the Barcelona attack on both CNN and MSNBC, the question was raised whether this could be a copycat of the Charlottesville attack. Not a copycat of the Nice attack. The Stockholm attack. The London attack. The Berlin attack. Not the far more obvious connection of another Islamic terror attack, of course. It had to have been another right wing extremist. Even though Barcelona was far more similar to the aforementioned Islamic terror attacks: random victims versus political opponents, random day versus tense day of violent protests, big city with many tourists versus inconspicuous place, seemingly unplanned act versus a seemingly planned one.

Don’t look back in anger was the popular quote after the Manchester terror attack, which claimed 22 lives. Not so much after the Charlottesville one. The violent far-left Antifa group, which by any reasonable definition of the word should be considered a terrorist organization, received glowing reports in the mainstream media. Their violence towards non-extreme right wingers, which has been an ongoing phenomenon for decades now, but intensifying since Donald Trump’s candidacy for the White House, has never received much attention – let alone criticism – but after Charlottesville they were actually celebrated. Apparently it doesn’t matter that, by most accounts, they started the violence that day, again. Their side of the violence hardly made the news. When Trump denounced their part in the violence, as well as the far right’s – a show of nuance and fairness – he was condemned for not just condemning the people who were attacked first.

The added difficulty for the rational right is that the establishment is making it impossible for us to critize their coverage of Charlottesville without implicating that we are allies of the right wing extremists. I have seen nothing but overt condemnation of the neo nazi’s and the KKK members marching in Charlottesville. I have seen nothing but condemnation of the fatal car attack. And still, it is not enough for the mainstream media. It is not enough for them, because they do not care about truth or fact. They are simply out to destroy the right.

But the political agenda of the mainstream media is out in the open now. While the tragic photograph of drowned toddler Alan Kurdi was featured on headlines and TV talk shows for days, if not weeks, on end back in 2015 – they refuse to show any image of the victims of Islamic terror attacks. One child killed in Barcelona was photographed in a bone chillingly similar pose to Alan Kurdi. We will not see this child on the news the way we saw Alan Kurdi. Why not?

Because of the narrative. The establishment narrative of open borders, appeasement of Islam and crushing the right, crushing nationalism and moving further towards political globalism. To the mainstream journalists engaged in the activities described above, these goals outweigh human suffering. These goals outweigh the death of innocent children.

May we never stop exposing their hypocrisy.



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