After New Year’s Eve, Muslims are now also ruining Halloween in Germany

After ruining New Year’s Eve in Germany with thousands of sex attacks in a single night, and of course Christmas Markets with terrorism (Paris has already canceled a big, long-running Christmas Market), Muslim migrants are now also ruining Halloween. Media are (carefully, of course) reporting large-scale fights and sex attacks.

There has been little media attention, and these attacks are much smaller in scale than those of New Year’s Eve two years ago, but since we are far beyond this still being an “incident” we should be aware of these things being swept under the rug. Let us not forget that police and mainstream media actively tried to keep the attacks of New Year’s Eve 2015 quiet until they were forced to report on them when the stories of what happened started to surface online.

Muslims and the left work together to push our traditions and customs into oblivion. Western, Christian holidays are under increasing pressure, and in many countries the left is calling to replace Christian school holidays with Islamic ones. The mainstream movements are using the media, politics and action groups, but in the underground packs of street thugs are violently working towards the same goals. Sometimes the underground and the mainstream will turn out to be connected, just like the mainstream left is connected to extremist underground movements, and sometimes they will seem separate. But they are co-dependent, they feed each other and feed off of each other. And the establishment is giving both a free pass.

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