All news is political

October 2019 updates:

  • CNN’s Jake Tapper uses the shooting death of a 9 year old boy to further his political agenda, selectively editing Candace Owens’ speech on the matter to make it seem frivolous and unsubstantial.
  • When a right-wing extremist killed three people in a violent attack on a synagogue in Halle (Germany), the mainstream media immediately made sure that we knew it was a right-wing extremist. Two days later, an extremist Muslim stabbed three people in Manchester, and all we heard of him was that he was ‘radicalized’ and a ‘lone wolf’.
  • Newsweek has their Nobel peace prize priorities a little mixed up:
  • When Republican members of Congress protested the Democrats’ secretive impeachment hearings by entering the secure hearing room, Dutch media were sure to only share the Democrat point of view on the story, making the Republicans look like the bad guys, and ignoring all wrongdoing by the Democrats in the process.
  • Of course, American mainstream media are no more objective:
  • The consequence of allowing an ideologically uniform establishment a monopoly on the flow of information:
  • After AfD’s impressive election result in Germany all the headlines screamed that AfD is “far-right”, but they couldn’t manage to fit in that ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was a genocidal maniac after he was killed by US forces:

InfoWars collected some examples

Washington Post defended Al-Baghdadi for ‘not being a coward’, ostensibly because President Trump called Al-Baghdadi a coward, and there is no extreme a journalist would shy away from to go against Trump.

  • Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) head quarters in Belgium was vandalized, as happens quite often. There is hardly any mention of this in the mainstream media. Imagine the international press frenzy if this would happen to a left-wing party.

All news is political:

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