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November 2019 updates:

  • CNN dedicating a segment to President Trump’s Twitter Type-O’s. Hard-hitting stuff (and ignoring the likely theory that a lot of them are deliberate to increase reach).
  • ABC ignored the Epstein story three years ago, and urged reporters to drop it.
  • NBC and CBS assisted in the cover-up:
  • These same mainstream news outlets viciously attacked Brett Kavanaugh over vague and unproven accusations. There is a stark difference in their treatment of subjects in their stories.
  • An Ethiopian immigrant (allegedly) murdered his wife and daughter. With the wife being a humantarian aid worker, and him reportedly decapitating her, immigration would be a relevant theme in this story and yet, according to Vdare, the murderer’s immigration status was ignored in all but 3% of mainstream media reporting.
  • Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb responded to reports of high knife crime among teenagers by saying that the youths have been influenced by ‘British subcultures’. He is referring to mostly immigrant subcultures in Great Britain, of course, but he must have forgotten – and apparently no journalists thought the statement deserved challenging.
  • Mainstream media reported that some 11,000 scientists are warning mankind for ‘untold suffering’ because of climate change. Rebel News’ Ezra Levant took a critical look at their names and found out that a lot them are not actually scientists, let alone in any field relevant to the subject. Interesting how exactly zero mainstream media outlets applied the same scrutiny.
  • Two left-wing extremists were arrested ahead of the popular chilren’s holiday celebration of Sinterklaas in The Netherlands. Tensions surrounding the holiday have been mounting over the past years because of relatively small activist groups decrying Sinterklaas’ companion Black Pete (‘Zwarte Piet’) as racist. The two have threatened to assassinate (!) Sinterklaas (which is like threatening to kill Santa Claus) and yet many articles about their arrest never describe them as ‘extremists’, an adjective that is significantly more easily earned on the other side of the political spectrum.
  • Again in The Netherlands: videos were spread online of a group of Moroccan youths beating up a lone white boy. No mainstream media outlet described this as a racist attack, which it ostensibly was, and which it would certainly have been called if it were white kids beating up a Moroccan boy.
  • Dutch state news broadcaster (NOS) ignored more videos of similarly ‘diverse’ groups of youths viciously attacking unsuspecting passers-by.
  • The preference for non-white victims and white perpetrators over white victims of non-white perpetrators is not solely reserved for Dutch media outlets. With the Jussie Smollett hysteria still fresh in mind, actress Jennifer Agostini and her friends were attacked by a group using derogatory terms about white people – and it barely caused a ripple in the media landscape. If it doesn’t fit the narrative, it doesn’t get reported.
  • Belgian media referred to the infamous ‘It’s okay to be white’ posters as a ‘right-wing extremist slogan’ after they emerged on the campus of the Brussels University. I have yet to see a media outlet explain why this is such a racist or extremist sentiment.

All news is political:

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