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February 2020 updates:

  • The Twitter account for Zero Hedge was suspended following an article on BuzzFeed, which accused Zero Hedge of ‘doxing’ Chinese scientist Dr Peng Zhou and allegedly accusing him of creating the coronavirus strain. This accusation is not in the Zero Hedge article and it only included publicly available information on Dr Peng. BuzzFeed journalists triumphantly took to Twitter to share their grand victory.
  • Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin thinks Iowa elections are utterly irrelevant or of crucial importance depending on whether her preferred candidate is doing well there or not.
  • The story of Gregory William Loel Timm (allegedly) plowing his car into a group of Trump supporters, while registering in a streetside tent disappeared from the headlines as quickly as these stories always do – except if it would happen the other way around of course.
  • After Oracle chairman Larry Ellison announced he was hosting a fundraiser for President Trump, Vox ran an article claiming that Oracle employees were ‘furious’ about this move. The article was based on responses writer Teddy Schleifer received when he explicitly asked for Oracle employees for their (negative) feelings about it. A couple of people sending a DM on Twitter does not constitute ‘furious employees’, but sometimes hard-working journalists need to give the news a helping hand – especially if the actual news is not helping their agenda along.
  • The divide between the people and the establishment became abundantly clear when President Trump decided to take a lap at the Daytona 500. A popular sporting event and a popular President, can you think of anything ‘trashier’? Next month, Ms Singer will probably be wondering why a growing number of people distrust and dislike the mainstream media, no doubt.

(Side note: Singer accused President Trump of meeting a convicted Russian spy in the Oval Office in July 2018, but had to backtrack her ridiculous claim almost immediately)

  • The BBC posted a video with the sarcastic-sounding (but earnestly meant!) title “The struggles of getting a haircut as a non-binary person”. Yes, I’m sure some things require a little more effort when you are part of a <1% group of the population. You could consider yourself lucky to be living in the part of the world most willing to accomodate individual choices and offering almost endless options. Or you could complain that society is not accomodating enough for you and your specific outlook on life.
  • Dutch MSM newspaper De Volkskrant reported on a parliamentary enquiry into foreign moneyflows to mosques in The Netherlands. Controversial salafist Imam Suhayb Salam spoke, and was lauded in the Volkskrant article for speaking ‘with panache’ and a ‘challenging smile’. The imam was disrespectful and dismissive, but journalists get to build up or break down their subjects. Their choices are often enlightening.
  • After the Hanau shooting which left nine people dead, the establishment was quick to conclude that this was a far-right terror attack (even though police later stated there was no clear indication of a right-wing political motive), in shrill contrast to how they avoid mentioning Islam after Islamic terror attacks. Belgian newspaper offered a clear example. The terror attack in Nice, France in July 2016 was labelled an ‘attack’, but for Hanau the headline mentioned a ‘right-wing terrorist’ – which is even more interesting, because normally it doesn’t take much at all for right-wingers to be labelled ‘extremist’, but in this case that description was omitted, implicating not just the far-right, but all of the right in the bloodbath.
  • CNN was caught coaching the audience during a Democrat Town Hall, instructing them when to clap and cheer. Not quite the neutral observers.
  • Russian collusion is back! Will it prove to be an emergency brake to rein in Bernie Sanders’ success? Or will it simply be kept as quiet as possible? The contrasts to the Russia Hoax 1.0 will be interesting.
  • Speaking of ‘Russia!!!1!’: MSNBC contributor says President Trump still does his appointments at the behest of Vladimir Putin:
  • Mass shootings are political capital for the establishment, except when the shooter is black:
  • On February 27, Dutch media announced the first confirmed coronavirus case of The Netherlands. Twitter users soon pointed out that a doctor mentioned the case two days earlier, with information checking out with the official story. The doctor deleted his tweets immediately. It looks like the political and media elites took two days to prepare their responses and their presentations and kept relevant information from the population to make themselves look better.

All news is political:

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