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April 2020 updates:

  • Amid the Covid-19 crisis, Dutch mainstream media went into overdrive to praise PM Mark Rutte for his handling of the situation. Even in everyday appearances, for instance here at a school, he would be praised as being in ‘peak condition’. Mirror opposite of US mainstream media’s treatment of President Trump, but equally unobjective.
  • Per example: The New York Times tried to make Trump look suspect by running an article linking his praise of hydroxochloroquine to his owning stocks in the company that produces it. Mike Cernovich calculated that Trump owns stock to the tune of a couple of hundred dollars maximum.
  • Predictably, the mainstream media bashed Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine as a promising, possible treatment. But medical professionals agreed that it was the most effective treatment they had seen thus far. A family doctor in The Netherlands had used the same treatment succesfully for a couple of weeks before he was forced to stop by Dutch authorities.
  • The couple that was eagerly emplified in the mainstream media after the husband died after supposedly following President Trump’s advice turned out not to have tried hydroxychloroquine the medicine, but rather fish tank cleaner. And the wife, a vocal Democrat supporter, was later placed under investigation for possible murder in the case.
  • CNN was busted editing headlines again, to make Democrats look better and Republicans worse.
  • Journalist Yamiche Alcindor tweeted about President Trump criticizing the WHO, making it look like there could be any doubt to Trump’s statement that the WHO claimed early on that Covid-19 is not transittable from human to human:
  • When the President actually did cut off funding to the WHO, Dutch media decided to focus not on the strange and blatantly wrong decisions and statements from the WHO, and their more than dubious kowtowing to Chinese interests, but stated that it was Trump’s ‘own fault’, that he was ‘looking for a scapegoat’ and trying to ‘shift blame’.
  • The New York Times ran an article in defense of Joe Biden in light of accusations against him of sexual assault – then stealth-edited the article and deleted a tweet about it. All to make Biden – and themselves – look better.
  • When President Trump had a video played at one of the Covid-19 pres briefings of mainstream media’s handling and analyses of the crisis, the media had a collective meltdown – most strikingly illustrated by CNN running a series of chyrons that lacked any objectivity or factual information, and were nothing but simplistic jabs at the President.
  • There is a huge difference in the approach of the mainstream media towards Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden versus how they handled the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Both in tone and in volume:
  • The Hill illustrates how headlines can summon up an emotional response in readers that is not even slightly warranted by the actual content of the article.
  • CNN attacked Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, for promising ventilators to hospitals and not delivering. While Musk easily proved on Twitter that the ventilators had been, in fact, delivered – and were already in use. CNN later claimed with a semantic argument that the machines that had been delivered were not ventilators.
  • Journalist Hans Laroes, eminent among mainstreamers – former head-editor for the Dutch state news NOS and former head of the Dutch Board of Journalism – tweeted a call to ‘ignore’ right-wing politician Thierry Baudet for six months, ‘to see if he would be able to build a movement then’, adding he saw ‘plenty of reasons to quarantine [him]’. He later deleted the tweet, which was eerily reminiscent of one month earlier when head-editor of Algemeen Dagblad newspaper Hans Nijenhuis admitted on camera that he once threatened PM Mark Rutte for giving an interview to a rival newspaper, by saying ‘you know we can also decide to make Geert Wilders the biggest, right?’
  • After the hydroxychloroquine lies fell through, the media doubled down on the claim that President Trump recommended injecting people with bleach. If anyone would actually believe their lies, and act on it – in the naive belief that President Trump thought it might be a good idea – who would be more to blame for that? The President for not weighing every word twice, or the media for deliberately spreading this narrative and giving it more credibility than it ever deserved in the first place?
  • While the media chooses to focus on every word President Trump says, and chooses deliberately to run the most negative and damaging possible interpretation – others get a free pass on anything. Like the WHO official who said ‘we may have to enter homes and remove family members’.
  • In the runup to Michael Flynn’s exonoration, right-wing media brought the story as the bombshell that it was. CNN went with the most uninviting headline they could possible devise: ‘Michael Flynn’s lawyers seize on note showing how FBI official approached key interview in White House’. It’s a factually correct headline, but it says nothing, does not suggest in the slightest that this is a big deal, and is unlikely to really make anyone want to read it. Probably because of this:
  • CNN is no longer in the news-business, but rather in the theater-business. Chris Cuomo was filmed emerging triumphantly ‘from his basement’ after struggling with Covid-19. But he was spotted more than a week earlier outside of his house – while he would have to have been under mandatory quarantine. Either he lied about breaking quarantine, or he lied about how sick he was, or both. But the whole segment of him coming up from his basement is demonstrably a lie.

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