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May 2019 updates:

  • Dutch state news broadcaster NOS reported on the rise of antisemitism in France last year, relating the development to islamic youths. It reports a further rise in antisemitism in France now, but has now dropped the reference to Islam from the headline.
  • Twitter channel Shy Society tweeted an insightful thread about the media bias following an incident in which one Danyaal Mahmud threw milkshake on Tommy Robinson, noting that similar attacks against Anna Soubry and Jeremy Corbyn were universally condemned (and the perpetrators prosecuted), while the attack on Robinson is celebrated and presented as ‘comedic’. Mainstream media are repeating Mahmud’s account of events as true, while video footage shows that he is lying about several matters (he was not a random passer-by, he did approach Tommy Robinson, and the milkshake clearly did not ‘slip’ from his hand). Nevertheless, mainstream media are runing fluff pieces on Mahmud and how he felt ‘intimidated’ by Robinson, thereby justifying violence against a politician on the campaign trail.
  • Dutch state news broadcaster NOS ran a headline stating that youths want to have foreign wars included in Remembrance Day ceremonies in The Netherlands, specifically mentioning Palestine and Syria. It turned out these conclusions were based on one group of surveyed youths, done at one school with pupils largely of a migrant background (most coming from Turkey, Morocco, Greece and Ghana).
  • BuzzFeed attacked 14 year-old rising YouTube star of the right Soph, and tried to have her deplatformed in an article titled
    YouTube’s Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl. Joel Bernstein, author of the article, is naturally worried about the ‘tone’ of the conversation:

  • The STEM school shooting on May 7th disappeared from headlines within days. Many were left wondering: what if the shooters had not been a transgender and a Trump-hating teen.
  • When President Trump said: “Unfortunately, legitimate asylum seekers are being displaced by those lodging frivolous claims – these are frivolous claims – to gain admission into our country. Asylum abuse also strains our public school systems, our hospitals and local shelters”, CNN’s Jim Acosta offered the following ‘summary’ on Twitter: “Trump in Rose Garden speech paints asylum seekers with broad brush accusing them of misleading immigration authorities at border: “These are frivolous claims.””
  • Pro-establishment journalists used their social media platforms to intimidate Democrat Pete Buttigieg into turning away from an interview with Dave Rubin.
  • The Guardian introduced a short article about a meeting between President Trump and Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán with the observation that “they’re both man-spreading on a pair of yellow leather chairs.”
  • After the nationalist Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) made big gains in the European Parliament elections, the mainstream media immediately returned to its old form, with numerous references to and comparisons with nazism. Newspaper HLN ran an article about ‘right wing extremists’ and their ‘uniforms’, dress suits. ‘A scheme’, to appear more acceptable, according to a political scientist quoted in the article. From manspreading to dress suits – hard hitting stuff.
    • Rather idiotically, the trap they have set up is explained in the article itself: ‘when one has a ‘filthy’ message, it is smart to dress properly. A filthy person with a filthy message is easy to dismiss. That is more complex with a seemingly erudite person who has less erudite things to say’. If right-wingers dress nicely, they are attacked for ‘not dressing like they talk’. If they do not dress nicely, they are attacked for ‘dressing like they talk’. A classic lose-lose. Another big giveaway of course, is that you will have never read a MSM article casting suspicion over Barack Obama for his suits (or attacking his wife for her choice of footwear for that matter).
  • On the day of the elections for the European Parliament, German MSM newspaper Die Welt posted and tweeted out an article titled: “The Greens, the sweetest temptation since there were [political] parties”
  • German magazine Zeit does not hide its party preferences either, and it shows in their choice of photos – Greens on the left, AfD on the right:
  • Newsweek has an interesting tweet (below). If the skin colors in this incident had been reversed, a whole lot of ‘allegedly’ would disappear from the headline and be replaced by ‘racist’. And it would have made the news worldwide.
  • In a tweet sharing the article An Indiana Man Who Vandalized A Synagogue With Nazi Symbols Admitted How Far-Right Figures Radicalized Him, BuzzFeed focuses on Ben Shapiro and Breitbart. Mike Cernovich discovered in the court files that the suspect, Nolan Brewer, was in contact with people in Ukraine or Romania who may have actually put him up to his anti-semitic attack. As Cernovich phrases it: There are foreign assets inciting anti-Semitic attacks by U.S. citizens, but the story angle was to score a cheap shot on Ben Shapiro.
  • Far-left Splinter News ran the headline Indiana Synagogue Vandal Says He Was Radicalized By Ben Shapiro, Far-Right Media, which is incorrect. Even according to the BuzzFeed article, the suspect said his girlfriend read Shapiro’s work and never mentioned reading it himself. (Let’s not even get into the “logic” of indirectly blaming
    Ben Shapiro for inciting an anti-semitic, Nazi-inspired attack against a synagogue.)
  • During the national Remembrance Day ceremony in The Netherlands for the casualties of WWII, MSM journalist Robert van der Noordaa (writer for De Volkskrant) tweeted just 10 minutes after the two minutes of silence: ‘20% of The Netherlands votes for PVV [Party For Freedom] or FvD [Forum for Democracy]. Utterly bizarre that people vote this way after the horrors of the Second World War. What do these people think during the two minutes of silence?’

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