All news is political (update)

June 2019 updates:

  • Sky news made a propaganda style ad for the anti-Trump protests and used that as its announcement of President Trump’s visit to the UK:
  • The BBC made itself cheerleaders of the anti-Trump protests as well, by having a replica of the blimp prominently featured in their studio.
  • Vox writer and self-proclaimed Marxist Carlos Maza is a political activist posing as a journalist. He has been pressuring YouTube for days and finally got them to demonetize Steven Crowder. He has also been tweeting support for deplatforming and limiting freedom of speech.
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine seems to have found itself a new Messiah in the Greens (die Grüne) party. Article is about the Greens’ leading the polls in Germany for the first time ever, but their choice of picture says it all:
  • Kevin Poulsen of The Daily Beast doxed the maker of the ‘drunk Nancy Pelosi’ meme video. CNN’s Brian Stelter amplified Poulsen by retweeting his self-congratulatory post.
  • Data analysis shows a sudden explosive increase in the use of popular ‘social justice’ buzzwords in the New York Times since around 2010, illustrating how much influence the radical left has on mainstream political discourse.
  • The Dutch government has long said that it would not endeavour to retrieve children of ISIS fighters from the fallen ‘caliphate’. On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June, public broadcasting channels ran news items about the subject – with no critical arguments against the suggested plans. On Monday 10 June, the story broke that The Netherlands was already in the process of retrieving two children born to (now-deceased) ISIS volunteers. Feels like State TV running PR for the government.
  • Two BBC articles, one month apart, paint opposite images of a similar situation: UKIP candidate to be investigated over Jess Philips rape ‘joke’ (7 May 2019) versus BBC defends Jo Brand over ‘battery acid’ joke (12 June 2019). The message is that the former was ‘not really a joke’ and the latter was, and therefore the latter is OK, but the former is not.
  • The Hill tweets “Trump administration to send migrant children to former Japanese internment camp”. James Taranto walks us through The Hill’s deception: one click shows the headline, which is more honest and mentions that it is now in fact an Army base. Scroll down and find out that the base already served the same purpose under Obama. While someone did find a 2014 article on The Hill about the same base, there is no mention of the “Japanese internment camp”, and its headline follows the classic ‘Republicans pounce’ formula.
  • Robby Starbuck calls out double standards in the media after a video made the rounds of a man attacking supporters of President Trump and spitting a woman in the face. Starbuck points out: ‘There’s 100’s of videos at this point of this kind of violence. Media relentlessly covered the Covington Catholic hoax. Why not this?’
  • A black man named Temar Bishop was arrested for a violent rape on June 1st. New York Post reports that Bishop has allegedly said that his white victim ‘deserved’ the brutal attack “because of slavery”. Twitter user Will Westcott points out the difference in media attention for Jussie Smollett’s hate crime before it turned out to be a hoax, and this actual racist attack, in which the races happen to be reversed. In a four-tweet thread he rightly wonders: “Will the Media accept responsibility that their demonization of whites for slavery could be radicalizing black youths?”, and points out mainstream journalists more concerned with a peaceful Proud Boys march than “the brutal rape of a white girl because of her race/identity.”
  • Mainstream media are suddenly on top of possible corruption by Joe Biden, involving business deals made by his son, Hunter. Mike Cernovich offers an interesting take on the MSM’s timing: What the media is doing to Joe Biden isn’t journalism as they NEVER reported this material when it would have hurt Democrats. This is activism designed to remove him from the race in favor of other candidates.
  • Jack Posobiec tweeted a good example of ‘how CNN headlines frame a real crime vs a fake crime’:
  • After the second Democrat Party debate, which saw all candidates showing support for allowing illegals access to health care and other facilities and not wanting to stem illegal immigration, The Hill ran defense with a tweet that showed Julián Castro saying “Nobody has called for open borders. That’s just a right-wing talking point.” No context, no critical sidenote, just a 4-second video with that quote, apparently to ease the viewers’ minds.
  • Project Veritas revealed more Big Tech bias, demonstrating Google’s intention to manipulate the 2020 Presidential election by blocking and suppressing conservative content. The video was erased from Youtube (which is owned by Google), and naturally the mainstream media ignored the story. CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted: “awatching fox, seeing the talk shows promote project veritas, i googled for a reliable news account about what’s going on… and… can’t really find one.” So the mainstream media ignores a story and then uses lack of MSM attention as evidence that there is nothing to the story.
  • When President Trump declared a crisis on the Southern border of the United States, mainstream media went to great lengths to explain why there was no crisis on the border or how it was a manufactured crisis. See how fast that changed after two-year-old Valeria was found dead during her father’s attempt to illegally cross the border:
  • Washington Times continue to describe Antifa as ‘activists’, even after an unprovoked, violent attack on journalist Andy Ngo, after which Ngo was admitted to hospital for brain bleed.
  • Would CNN give a platform to anyone with a story this shaky if the accused were not President Trump?

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