All news is political (update)

July 2019 updates:

  • Mike Cernovich poses an interesting question following Antifa’s terrorist attack on journalist Andy Ngo:
  • Huffington Post’s perspective on that same attack is along the classic lines of ‘women wearing miniskirts are asking to be raped’:
  • The Guardian is raising a lot of doubts about the attack on Andy Ngo and the injuries he sustained, even though these are easily verifiable facts.
  • German NGO migrant ferry captain Carola Rackete is made a heroin in European media outlets like Der Spiegel. This follows a showdown with Italian anti-immigration minister Matteo Salvini. She was not saving people from drowning, but picking them up straight from the boats shortly after departure. She did not go to the nearest post, but instead stormed one that had clearly refused her entry.
  • Democrat Ayanna Pressley called Kellyanne Conway ‘Distraction Becky’, which is a racially charged derogatory comment. Mainstream media ignored the racial element in her remarks completely.
  • Mainstream media shared a video of Sebastian Gorka antagonizing CNN’s Brian Karem at the White House social media summit. However, the full video shows that the exchange started with verbal abuse from Karem.
  • MSNBC’s headline for the social media summit referred to President Trump’s guests as ‘a group of race-baiting conspiracy theorists’.
  • Akin to the ‘very fine people’ lie spread by the mainstream media after Charlottesville, the media are also ignoring a key part in President Trump’s “Why don’t they go back [to their countries]” tweet, i.e. that he ended his statement with “Then come back and show us how it’s done”. Quite different from ‘go back, you are not welcome here’.
  • The Antifa terrorist attack against an ICE facility was not described as a terror attack anywhere in the mainstream media, nor was the Antifa link pointed out. NBC’s headline read “Police: man dies after attacking immigration prison”.
  • @rising_serpent on Twitter offered an accurate summary: “The media spreads hate hoaxes against conservatives but refuses to even mention liberal violence.”
  • CNN had been explicitly propping up the ICE terrorist’s Antifa group prior to the attack:
  • CNN is not even bothering to hide its bias with the headline: “Yes, Obama deported more people than Trump but context is everything”. Defending one President while attacking another for enacting similar policies.
  • New York Times‘ perception of the political spectrum is fairly standard for today’s mainstream, given their article “Greens Are the New Hope for Europe’s Center. For the Far Right, They’re Enemy No. 1.” Greens are the ‘center’, the right is ‘far right’.
  • When investigative journalism results in uncomfortable realities, mainstream media ignore the journalism and prop up anonymous ‘trolls’:
  • Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad runs an article titled “The UK will be driven to ruin if Boris Johnson becomes prime-minister”. Eerily reminiscient of the supposed experts’ expections for the US under President Trump. No facts, just fear.
  • When a woman claimed she was accosted in a supermarket by a man who told her, among other things, to “go back where you came from”. The media eagerly picked up the story, apparently without fact-checking, as the entire story blew up and turned out to be untrue.
  • Why are there no newspapers dedicating their frontpage to a photo of the 8 year-old boy who was pushed in front of an oncoming train by an asylum seeker? It was the second such incident in a week in Germany, but the mainstream media still think we should only be confronted with photos of children who died while being illegally brought to the West?
  • CNN demonstrates that race only matters when it helps their agenda:
  • CNN’s Don Lemon asking the objective, neutrally phrased questions at the Democrats’ debate:
  • When the mainstream media run out of news, they become the news. CNN’s Victor Blackwell did so by becoming ’emotional’ while talking about President Trump’s remarks about Baltimore. Now, the story is not about Baltimore or the merits of Trump’s descriptions of it – it is that someone was sad about something the President said, and that apparently proves that it was wrong for him to say it.

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