All news is political (update)

August 2019 updates:

  • On July 31st, a Syrian or Palestinian man murdered another man with a machete in the street in broad daylight in Stuttgart, Germany. Horrific videos of the attack were circled on social media, but mainstream media were reluctant to cover the bloody murder (which police say is not a terror attack). German outlet Rheinische Post tweeted on August 1st that the right-wing AfD ‘only use the incident for their politics’. Even if machete murders in broad daylight were not on the rise in Europe as a by-product of mass immigration (which, empirically, they absolutely seem to be), why would any political party not use daily news examples that support their politics? Does Rheinische Post feel the need to tell us on every single hot day this summer, that the globalist establishment is just using the heat for their own political agenda, pushing climate alarmism on the unsuspecting public?
  • If an interviewee does not give the desired responses, an easy way to discredit them is to label them ‘controversial’. CNN did this with Reverend Bill Owens when he refused to attack President Trump and go along with host Don Lemon’s attempts to smear the President as racist. CNN’s description of the Reverend can be seen changing during the segment from a neutral ‘African American faith leader’ to ‘Controversial faith leader’.
  • Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad ran a big article about a Syrian refugee who took it upon himself to clear the drain pipes in the street after extreme rain had caused the streets to flood. Many people responded inquiring why the stories of native Dutch people doing the same thing were not newsworthy while this apparently was.
  • NOS, the state news broadcaster in The Netherlands, euphemistically called the mass rapes of Yezidi women at the hands of ISIS fighters ‘involuntarily getting pregnant’. After a storm of criticism, NOS tweeted an explanation and admission that their choice of words was wrong, but these retractions never reach as many people as the original item.
  • After the El Paso shooting, NOS eagerly tweeted that “criticism of President Donald Trump is growing”, “He is being accused of incitement”. This is not a neutral observation. The people accusing him are political opponents who have been attacking and slandering the President ever since he entered the political arena. They are people who have a direct interest in giving the President a bad name. To paint their comments without that comments is to lend them more credibility than they deserve.
  • While the El Paso shooting was immediately and widely placed in the political context of the shooter being right-wing, the Dayton shooting that took place a day later was presented as politically neutral. The shooter’s extensive interaction with mainstream and left-wing journalists, as well as far-left Antifa groups, was quietly dismissed as irrelevant to the shooting.
  • MSNBC’s tweeted a quote from their host Joe Scarborough saying: “For those of you who are funding Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, you may want to take note that because you keep writing checks to this president, it’s on you … because you are funding this white supremacist campaign.” That just doesn’t seem like a super objective statement.
  • Mainstream media hated Matteo Salvini’s beach pictures, in which he looked like a normal person, ostensibly because they don’t like normal people. German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine was clearest about this in their tweet: “The populist Matteo Salvini mingles with beach people – and looks like beach people“. The horror, one can hear them shivering. Does anyone still doubt the arrogant elitism of the mainstream media?
  • CNN contributor Wajahat Ali supported and amplified the hashtag “MassacreMoscowMitch” on Twitter, an unmistably aggressive attack on GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
  • MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace falsely claimed on air that President Trump is ‘talking about exterminating Latinos’. An obvious lie that remained unchallenged during the broadcast. The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavreda collected several examples of Wallace advocating physical violence against prominent Republican like Trump and then-spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Wallace issued a non-apology for the ‘exterminating Latinos’ statement, in which she proclaimed “My mistake was unintentional and I’m sorry. Trump’s constant assault on people of color and his use of the word “invasion” to describe the flow of immigrants is intentional and constant.
  • Des Moines Register (part of USA Today) reporter Kim Norvell tweeted an incredibly spontaneous photo of Democrat Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, apparently forgetting that, as per her own profile, her job is to cover Warren. She didn’t ‘happen to come across’ Elizabeth Warren – she followed her around and set the scene deliberately to make her look nice.
  • Some people can have ‘slip-ups’ that others can’t:
  • CBS News tweeted: “Portland braces for violence at far-right rally — entire police force will be on duty“, suggesting the police were there for the right-wing rally (dubbed ‘far-right’ without context or explanation), and not for the far-left Antifa counter-protesters.
  • A fundraising event for Democrat Senator Sandoval featured a staged ‘assassination’ of a mock-President Trump. While the Senator denied knowing about it, and that is possible, the mainstream media have given him an easy pass for this, while they could and would have blown it out of proportion if it had been a Republican’s event.
  • Tim Pool compared two articles, both from Vice, in which he is described as either left-wing or right-wing, depending on what suits Vice’s narrative. “When they needed to smear the White house summit they say I’m right wing. When they wanted to show the left is challenging big tech they call me an online lefty
  • A Palestinian terror attack that killed an Israeli girl and severely wounded her brother and father, was summarized in The Netherlands by the NOS in a headline that read “Girl dies after explosion on the West Bank
  • A guest on Brian Stelter’s CNN show claimed that President Trump ‘may be responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin and Mao’, without challenge from the host.
  • A mass shooting at a football game in Mobile, Alabama that left at least 10 people injured barely made the news. Would they have been this silent if the shooter were a white male instead of a black male?

All news is political:

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