All news is political (update)

September 2019 updates:

  • After Andy Ngo was badly beaten by Antifa terrorists, media outlets like Rolling Stone continue to smear Andy and defend Antifa.
  • BBC and Sky News set up their broadcasts outside, right in front of large crowds of anti-Brexit protesters, meaning their backgrounds were Remain-propaganda, and pro-Brexit politicians had to go through crowds of angry opponents to get to interviews.
  • Pew goes to lengths to make it appear like white men are the highest earners in the US to underscore their ‘privilege’, even though they are actually out-earned by Asian men.
  • Virtually all mainstream media outlets have posted extremely mild obituaries for Zimbabwan dictator Robert Mugabe. Stefan Molyneux points out that right-wingers are described in far worse terms than this actual extremist and genocidal maniac:
  • A man of Moroccan descent attacked a traffic warden in The Netherlands. His name is Oualid, but to protect his privacy the media give him an alias. To hide his ‘cultural roots’, his fake name is Jordy, to make him sound more Dutch.
  • Facebook in The Netherlands works with news site to judge the trustworthiness of news pages. Basically, decides which posts on Facebook will get a ‘Fake news’-warning. Unsurprisingly, this is being used a tool to suppress undesired opinions, as flagged mainstream media (but not overly left-wing) newspaper De Telegraaf for posting an article that featured a scientist sceptical of climate change.
  • The trial against Geert Wilders, which is aimed at limiting the free speech rights of an active politician, has turned into an ever increasing display of abuses of power by the powers that be. As it was shown that the government, through the then-Minister of ‘Justice’, applied pressure to the prosecutors to make sure Wilders would ‘not be in their way so much’. Yet, most mainstream media barely reported on this news that by all counts means the end of lawful democracy in The Netherlands.
  • Meaningless quotes from anonymous and unverified sources should hold no value to any self-respecting journalist. But when the ‘sources’ have something to say that fits the journalist’s agenda, it becomes news:
  • AR15’s are ‘assault weapons’ and ‘weapons of war’ in the hands of civilians. But the media call them ‘rifles’ when they are in the hands of the state:
  • Mainstream media recently spent weeks analyzing the term ‘boreal’ after it was used by right-wing politician Thierry Baudet, and they were on a mission to ‘nazify’ the word. But when it turns out Islamic school books in The Netherlands vilify homosexuality as evil and against god, our usually so progressive and left-wing news papers call that ‘a message’.
  • Mainstream media rush to Justin Trudeau’s defense after blackface scandal:
  • A public appeal by 500 scientists asking the UN to tone down climate hysteria went completely ignored by Dutch mainstream media.

All news is political:

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