All news is political (update)

January 2019 updates:

  • Dutch news caster spends 3 seconds on return of ISIS-war veterans, 5 minutes on canine dental care
  • CBS posted a fact check during President Trump’s address about the border wall on January 8, and deleted it after they proved him right. The President said one in three migrant women are sexually assaulted while crossing the border, CBS proved the situation is even worse as the number is 60-80% but quickly took the fact check down.
  • Dutch weblog GeenStijl checked for news stories about the murder of a 16 year-old Austrian girl at the hands of her Syrian asylum seeker ex-boyfriend, and found just one article in all of The Netherlands and one in Belgium. All other news outlets appear to remain silent on the matter.
  • NBC News headline suggests Covington valedictorian was banned from speaking at graduation because he was gay. Not until all the way at the bottom of the article do we find out that the school explains that the speech was handed in too late and was too political in nature.
  • After the media scandal surrounding Nick Sandmann and the Covington kids and in spite of widely available video evidence of what actually happened, still asked Nick if he wanted to apologize and Nathan Phillips if he would forgive Nick.
  • Around the same time, CNN decided to run an opinion piece entitled Why Trump’s MAGA hats have become a potent symbol of racism, overtly eager to excuse the virtual lynch mob’s behavior and to place the blame at the feet of the victims.

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