Amsterdam: convicted terrorist youth worker promoted jihad in stead of de-radicalizing youth

While we on the right often complain about the West’s soft stance on (radical) Islam, we must sometimes take a step back and honestly wonder: is it really that bad? Well, yes it is. In The Netherlands, Bilal Lamrani, convicted for his involvement in preparing a terror attack was hired by the city of Amsterdam (after his serving his sentence) as a de-radicalization expert. What could go wrong?

Quite a bit, it turns out. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that in stead of de-radicalizing at-risk youths, he was encouraging them. What a shock. He praised the radical organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, which propagates sharia law and the implementation of an Islamic state in Europe and which is banned in Germany. Experts warned the city of Amsterdam that Lamrani still had the same radical views as always, but no action was taken. Even his own brother and sister traveled to the Islamic State while he was trusted to basically be a line of defense between Dutch society and the threat of Islamic terrorism. When he knew people were making explosives, he warned them the police were coming.

Lamrani is linked to the The Hague based “Hofstad Network“, which was taken down in 2004 and included Mohammed Bouyeri, who assassinated film maker Theo van Gogh in the only (officially acknowledged) Islamic terror attack on Dutch soil so far. Lamrani has been convicted for making death threats to Geert Wilders, encouraging people to take part in jihad, and for preparing a terrorist attack. He has apparently disappeared, so we might want to keep our eyes open for stray “white vans”.

Sources (in Dutch): De Telegraaf and GeenStijl


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