Amsterdam has been funding lessons in radical salafist mosques

Local government in Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands, has been subsidizing one of the most notorious fundamentalist mosques in the city, which has been using the public funds for “theology” lessons. Amsterdam’s tax payers have been paying for children to be indoctrinated with radical salafism by known islamic extremists.


The handout was meant for low-income citizens and had educational purposes – like sports or dance lessons, or school books. But religious lessons were also included. The mayor and “aldermen” in the local government apparently never investigated what the funds were being used for, until city council member Marianne Poot (of Prime Minister Rutte’s VVD party*) asked them to. In spite of shocking results, the city saw no reason to stop the scheme. It was only thanks to a vote in the city council that the hand out has been stopped, to the displeasure of the alderman in charge, who is a member of the Socialist Party (SP).

In the meantime hundreds of thousands of euros in taxpayer money have gone to religious lessons, including lessons from the fundamentalist Turkish Milli Görüs movement, and lessons in radical mosques like Al Karama Mosque, Arrayan Mosque and the most notorious one, El Tawheed, which is the salafist group that included Mohammed Bouyeri, the jihadist convicted of murdering writer and film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004.


If the West had any desire to survive it would close the radical mosques which openly seek to overthrow our civilization. In stead, we are giving them tax money. Our leaders know it, and are fine with it. There is no rational defense to keep voting these people into power. Anyone supporting them is complicit in the impending downfall of Western civilization.


Source, in Dutch: De Telegraaf

* VVD translates to People’s Party For Freedom And Democracy. It is center-right on paper, but has been in charge of pro-EU, pro-Islam, pro-immigration cabinets for years)

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