Amsterdam is offering paid ‘transition leave’ to transgender civil servants

Amsterdam is now offering its civil servants the opportunity of paid ‘transition leave’ if they choose to undergo treatments to transition to the opposite sex (or, I am guessing, one of the 64 sexes).

I have no problems with transgenders. I understand that transgenderism can be seen, and is seen by many, as a mental illness. But if actually transitioning is a good way (or the best way) of dealing with the illness, then I don’t see the problem – that is, as long as they arrange it themselves and pay for it themselves or through their health insurance. It is not a role of government to support people with their personal issues, especially personal issues which are so hard to define and which are, scientifically speaking, a disorder that one might argue should be cured rather than appeased.

As with the criticism of President Trump when he no longer wanted transgender military personel, the problem is too complicated to solve with a hyper-emotional ‘this is sad for some people, so have tax payers pay for everyone’s personal quirks’. Where does it end if government is offering paid leave for these treatments? Will they apply to other forms of body dysmorphia as well? To people deliberately trying to get morbidly obese? Any other disease or personal struggle? Will an employee in mourning over the death of a loved one receive the same courtesy? If not, why not? If yes, for how long and how can it be established how long it should be?

Why is this illness so important to the government that it is funding the patients? Will they be asking new job candidates if they have plans to transition, or are they accepting the risk of a disproportionate amount of employees making use of this offer?

It is sounding highly likely that this will be another case of causing unequal treatment in the name of equality.

Double standards in the name of equality: transgenders in the military and in society


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