Another day, another migrant riot in Brussels

Just a couple of days after Brussels (among other European cities) was the stage of Moroccans rioting and looting after the Moroccan national soccer team qualified for the World Cup tournament next year, there was another riot involving a large number of migrants (seemingly of different nationalities) in the capital of Belgium and the EU.

Apparently, a rapper had called on his fans to come out into the streets for a flashmob (at least he also asked them to keep things quiet, and not cause the kind of fuss they predictably did end up causing), but it didn’t take long for the “fans” to start hurling projectiles at police. Cars and stores were vandalized, passers-by attacked, and the Christmas market that was being built up has been at least partially destroyed. The mob went after a small number of police officers, who were forced to retreat, and order was restored only after police got a water cannon on the scene.

It is clear that young migrants, growing up in inwardly focused non-Western, often even anti-Western, communities are now exploiting every show of weakness from the authorities in their host countries. Sadly, the establishment is not learning their lesson: they keep opting for a soft approach, while it is abundantly clear that it has no effect at best, and an opposite effect at worst. Every time these thugs force the police to retreat, every time they cause chaos and destruction and no one is arrested, every time their friends are arrested but never properly punished, the West becomes more of a laughing stock to them. Every time, we can count on them getting worse the next time – because their actions have no serious consequences. They have turned their backs on us, on our culture and our civilization. The only things they embrace about the West are our money, and our freedoms which they abuse as an opportunity to act out as savages.

More footage from last Saturday:

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