Asylum seekers rewarded for months of harassment with a private bus line

The story continues: if you think the criminal asylum seekers (mostly illegal immigrants from safe countries) are being arrested, monitored or even deported – you clearly have not been paying attention to what is happening in Western Europe. No, they are getting their own bus line. Transport company Qbuzz is hoping to stem the still increasing harassment and violence that way.

To quote Dutch columnist Bert Brusse (translation mine):

Over the years, nothing has changed. If anything, things have gotten worse. It is impossible to deport the zero-chance asylum seekers, and if it is possible it takes years or simply does not happen. The COA [agency responsible for dealing with asylum seekers] says it is up to the justice system, but that justice system is, like it has been for years in The Netherlands, toothless. It is utterly incapable of protecting shopkeepers, villegaers, bus passengers and bus drivers against the reign of terror of these ‘asylum seekers’.

And that is why the asylum seekers are getting there own private bus line. Justice: when the response to relentless terror is for the government to show that such terror is rewarded.

It is not the removal of criminals and hooligans from our streets. (…) It’s not deploying extra security officers who are allowed and able to intervene against unpaying passangers who are terrorizing others. No, in The Netherlands terror wins. In The Netherlands, we bend and we bow. In The Netherlands, we give our public domain away and we reward those who knowingly abuse our hospitality and our freedom. Because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be ‘tolerant’. And that would be ‘unjust’.

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