At March Against Marrakesh, police were instructed to arrest “as many as possible”, contrary to the usual de-escalation strategy

Last Sunday, December 16, over 5,000 patriots joined the March Against Marrakesh in Brussels, Belgium, aimed against the Marrakesh Pact. The protest itself, organized by the nationalist Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang) party, stayed peaceful, but after the official end riots broke out as a group of several hundred people attempted to storm the European Commission building.

Independent Dutch journalist Arnold Karskens made some interesting observations about the violent aftermath of this protest:

This Sunday as I saw the Berlaymont building, the seat of European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and symbol of the European Union , disappearing in a cloud of tear gas, I got a feeling: this is serious. It takes enormous amounts of gas to protect the European Union against the discontent of the people. And no, this is not Putin’s Russia, this is not Trump’s USA. This is Europe today.

Police response

An enlightening video was shared by Dries van Langenhove, founder of activist group Schild & Vrienden, who had had a talk with a member of the riot police, warning the protesters that the police have been ordered by the mayor to “make as many arrests as possible”, admitting (at 0:25 – video is in Dutch) his personal frustration that “For at least 13 years they have been forcing us to stand down. Now you guys show up, and suddenly we are told to crack down.” The officer warns the protesters that police units are waiting at the train station for anyone who is wet (from the police water cannon) or carrying flags, so they can arrest them.

In similar situations during charged protests or even riots, police forces across the west are usually indeed told to stand down. We regularly see left-wing groups or immigrants protesting, rioting leading to zero arrests. It happened repeatedly in the US, even leading to supporters of President Trump suing the city of San Diego for failing to offer them protection from violent mobs of ‘counter protesters’. We have seen it in Australia. And yes, we have seen it in Brussels. The key word in the weakened West is de-escalation, except when the right is out in the streets.

Violence is not pretty, even when it is understandable. The EU has a long history of deceiving and endangering its people, ignoring the people’s wishes and its agenda is destroying Europe and the legacy of Western civilization. A more fitting target for a people’s uprising is hard to come by. And still, updates to the news stories indicated that around 200 soccer hooligans showed up after, or towards the end of, the official protest, ostensibly out for a violent confrontation. It seems that (the brunt of) the violence was not even caused by attendees of the protest.

Mainstream media response

The violence offered the mainstream media ample opportunity to make the anti-immigration right look like a violent mob, and naturally they did – Dutch newpaper De Telegraaf even dubbed the protest a “Brown March”, predictably connecting any objection to mass immigration with genocidal nazism. What we didn’t see in the media however:

Dries van Langenhove got together with a large group of volunteers to clean up the protest site after the event:

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