Australia: Pauline Hanson slammed for asking Senate to acknowledge “It’s okay to be white”

Pauline Hanson of the Australian One Nation party initiated a motion last month asking the Australian Senate to acknowledge that it’s “okay to be white”, in response to what she called “the huge overreaction to Lauren Southern’s t-shirt with that message”. The motion was defeated and Hanson was slammed as a racist and a white supremacist.

Perhaps a government motion is not the best way to address this issue. Political opponents can easily shut it down as superfluous without explicitly denying the sentiment, but it is interesting that several of them did explicitly deny the sentiment, actively denouncing it as racism – while the point of the motion is clearly to counteract the increasingly anti-white identity politics of the left. The simple conclusion for us is now: the left does not think it is okay to be white. Their attacks on whiteness are just meant to lift non-whites up (while that would already be a bad approach, obviously), but to tear whites down. We cannot even counteract their negativity with a neutral to positive statement like “It’s okay to be white”, which doesn’t glorify whiteness and is not hateful towards non-whiteness.





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