Austria: police and military in large-scale border security exercise

Hundreds of members of the Austrian police and military forces have completed a large-scale exercise in border security this week. Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) says the exercise is meant to send a message to the world:

A state that in a worst case scenario is incapable of effectively protecting its borders loses all credibility.

The current right-wing government is determined not to allow an uncontrolled influx of migrants into the country like in 2015. There are very few migrants arriving in Austria these days, but its government is clearly preparing. The ministries of the Interior and of Defense have instated a joint task force that is able to send hundreds of security force members to a crisis situation on the border within 24 hours.

While the current government in Austria is implementing some sound policies and doing good work, it is important to remember that under that same government there is also still a big crackdown against the right-wing activists of Generation Identity.

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