Austria’s conservative government first to protect children: bans headscarves in schools

Austria’s conservative government, headed by the charismatic Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), wants to introduce a ban on headscarves in schools. A bill proposal is expected in early summer. The government, a coalition of the conservative ÖVP and the nationalist FPÖ will be looking for opposition support in order to add the ban to the country’s constitution.

The FPÖ states it seeks to protect girls against the negative sides of political islam, and the ÖVP Minister of Education, Heinz Faßmann, describes the bill as a “symbolic statement”. Austria already banned burqas over six months ago.

Feminists will surely not be pleased by these measures, as today’s western feminism happily embraces the right of Muslim women to wear what they have been indoctrinated to want to wear. While millions of women worldwide are forced to live behind these literal veils of oppression, the left chooses to see only the gaggle of Muslim women who live here and use headscarves as a way to advertise their disconnect from their host countries.

The left thinks it fights for the freedom of these women to dress as they choose, while it is in fact fighting for Muslim women to be oppressed by growing numbers of radicalizing Muslim men. The left remains willfully blind for this sad reality, because it is electorally and ideologically inconvenient.


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