Authorities hush up systematic sex attacks in The Hague swimming pool

The Zuiderpark swimming pool in The Hague (The Netherlands) has become the stage of systematic sex attacks by migrants youths, warn staff members in an open letter to the media. Swimming pool management and local politicians downplay the events and insist there is not much going on.

Staff members are being threatened. Women and girls are being assaulted, large group of immigrant youths take over entire parts of the pool by continually shouting Allahu Akbar.


There have been problems with Muslim visitors since the pool opened in 2000. (…) We are dealing with theft, vandalism, sexual assaults, violent outbursts, threats and intimidation. It is striking how often only Turkish and Moroccan boys occupy the pool. Young girls (and specifically Dutch girls) are not safe during the open hours of the pool.

Omroep West (in Dutch, local The Hague news channel)

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