Establishment sabotage of the #FreeTommy protest in London

20,000 people gathered in London on June 9 to protest the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson. Several high profile politicians spoke, including Geert Wilders. The UK, apparently eager to confirm its status of an Orwellian police state, employed several tactics to artificially keep attendee numbers and public awareness low.

The Tommy Robinson Facebook page states that the establishment spread the (incorrect) news that the march had been canceled through news outlets and train station communication systems. The police is said to have complicated logistics by changing the times to build the stage and allegedly blocked a van with a rented screen altogether. People were blocked from joining the protest and protesters were approached with intimidation and handled with force.

At the same time, the MSM proved once more that they have completely merged with the political establishment by having a complete media black-out concerning the event.


Only after there were some skirmishes with police did some MSM outlets finally break their silence. Once there was a way to make the protest look bad, they jumped on it.

Their fear is palpable. The establishment is actively disinforming the public; that is always a good time to wake up and start paying attention. This means there is a disconnect between reality and the establishment narrative. If reality supported the establishment, they would have no problem with an informed public. They want us in the dark, because they know that if more of us learn what is happening, more of us will turn against them.

Let’s not forget that, in the mean time, the establishment is still fighting against what they consider ‘fake news’, officially in order to prevent disinformation campaigns. At the same time, they are engaging in disinformation themselves, proving what was already proven: the battle against ‘fake news’ is no quest for truth, it is the establishment’s quest to regain full control of the narrative.

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