Being “humane” to criminals takes another young woman’s life

A 27 year-old white male has been arrested in The Netherlands in connection with the disappearance of a 25 year-old woman. The suspect was on trial leave from prison where he was serving a sentence for a double rape and several counts of violent extortion. The details about his criminal past make it clear that the only reason he was out of prison is that our justice system has been completely hollowed out by the left’s unchangeable and naive obsession with second chances. This suspect should not have been free, and Anne Faber should still be alive.

Suspect Michael P. (identities of criminals are kept secret in The Netherlands, because their privacy is worth more than our safety) was arrested in 2011 for a double rape in April of 2010. He raped two underaged girls (16 and 17 years-old) under threat of a weapon (which turned out to be fake), and later bragged that he was proud of what he had done and that it had been “a dream come true”. He humiliated and traumatized two defenseless girls, inflicted serious bodily harm on them and ruined their lives probably forever, and he has never shown remorse. On the contrary, as another continuous insult to the victims, he thinks back fondly of their ordeal. Every second people like him are alive to disgrace their victims this way is an affront to humanity.

He was convicted to 16 years imprisonment, but during an appeals process even the public prosecutor thought that sentence was too high, and they sought 10 years instead. He was then sentenced to 11 years, although it is uncommon in The Netherlands for judges to come to a higher sentence than the prosecutor’s demand. Criminals usually serve only 2/3 of a prison sentence over here, and they are gradually reintroduced into society by periods of trial leave. This is why a brutal and remorseless rapist was able to walk free only 6 years into his 11-year sentence, and how he was able to (likely) strike again.

This is what the left’s obsession with rehabilitating criminals brings us. Anne Faber is yet another young woman who could have still been alive if we would make serious business of punishing people who deliberately and unrepetentantly ruin other people’s lives.

I don’t have anything clever to say about this for the moment. I’m just incredibly angry.


(Anne Faber is still missing at the moment, no body has been found. It looks unlikely that she would still be found alive, but I hope to be proven wrong of course)

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