Belgium: 1,000 academics sign plea for open borders, right-wingers hand out their contact info to asylum seekers

1,000 Academics = Room for 1,000 asylum seekers

With this motto, the youth organization of the right-wing Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party responded to an open letter signed by 1,000 Belgian academics who called for an end to the “dehumanizing” of illegal immigrants. The right-wingers retorted that it is easy to state that illegals must be helped for those who are in a safe, academic environment and are never confronted with the downsides of mass immigration. They printed the contact info of the 1,000 academics and handed them out among asylum seekers in Brussels – donned in blue Make Europe Great Again caps.

(There is some introduction in Dutch in the video below, but about 45 seconds in it is mostly footage of the protest itself)

The young patriots ended the day by rolling out a banner that said: Our people will not be replaced.

Vlaams Belang is one of the first organizations in the 21st century West to have dealt with the left’s oppression and censorship of political opponents. The party’s predecessor, Vlaams Blok (Flemish Block) was banned by the courts in 2004, after several of the establishment’s lawsuits before then had already failed to achieve the same objective. The party, which was so successful in the past that the establishment had to use trickery to keep them out of power (other parties joined up in ‘cartels’ to artificially win elections together), was forced to disband and had to rebrand and rebuild itself. It has lost a lot of voters to a milder movement which also supports Flemish independence from Belgium, and which boasts anti-immigration rhetoric without actually delivering. In recent years, Flemish Interest is gaining again in polls and election results.

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