Belgium: 204 gang rapes per year

Belgium was shocked by reports of the gang rape of a 13 year old girl a couple of days ago. One of the suspects is her ex-boyfriend who threatened to post intimate footage of the girl online if she would not go along with his and his three friends’ demands.

Belgian police received 204 reports of gang rapes last year, on a population of 11 million people. It is believed that there are even more gang rapes as many such crimes go unreported. Often, ex-boyfriends of the victims are involved.

While the article makes no specifications about the cultural background of the rapists, empirically speaking gang rapes are most often committed by non-western immigrants. Three out of four rapists in big city areas in The Netherlands are non-westerners. Dutch research from 2007 states that immigrants from a sub-Saharan African background are six times more likely than natives to commit sex crimes, Arabs are five times more likely and Antillians are 6.5 times more likely than natives. In the past two years, 40 out of 43 gang rapists in Sweden come from immigrant backgrounds.

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