Belgium: kindergartners indoctrinated with islamic fundamentalism

Belgian media report teachers are ringing the alarms over Muslim kindergartners (!) who are showing increasingly radicalized behavior in school. This behavior includes children reciting the Quran in Arabic during recess, skipping school on Fridays, calling class mates “pigs”, but there are also kindergartners threatening to kill “infidels” and sliding their finger across their throats as a threat.

One teacher says she knows a kindergartner who has already been arranged to one day marry her “boyfriend” in Morocco. Another girl refuses to shake hands with boys or stand in line next to them. Teachers who address this behavior with the parents say the parents laugh about it and support their children.

School leadership says the reports are overblown, that there are just three families where these problems arise. Still, this is the first time that this extreme fundamentalism has been observed in children this young. While the children themselves may simply be copying behavior and language they have heard without knowing what it means, it does not bode well for their future – or ours – if this is what they are already picking up at home.

Source (in Dutch): Het Laatste Nieuws



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