Belgium: man impregnated his 3 daughters 8 times. “Part of the culture in New-Ghent”

A 45 year-old man from Ghent, Belgium, is appealing his conviction for raping his girlfriend’s three daughters over a period of several years, starting in the 1990’s. He caused a total of eight pregnancies in his step-daughters. His lawyer comments: “There are kids, there has been sex, but it has to have been consensual. Everything took place in New-Ghent, this is part of the culture there.”

This is part of the culture there.

Impregnating your underage step-daughters is part of the culture in New-Ghent.

I’ve been to Belgium. I’ve been to Ghent. I haven’t been to New-Ghent, but I am willing to bet the culture there is not traditional to Belgium or Flanders. From the sound of it, New-Ghent is new indeed. Just another enclave of our dear New Europeans with their quaint customs.

The suspect, named only as M.Ö., was not arrested until just last year, when one of his step-daughters (then 37) filed charges for harassment. Charges now include multiple rapes, battery and threats as well. One of the girls had an abortion less than three weeks after her 14th birthday.

The mother of the girls admits she knew her husband was having sex with them, but says she was afraid he would ‘destroy’ her if she said anything. Only one of the daughters is suing. She says M.Ö. had been ‘grooming’ her and her sisters. Her lawyer says he made them ‘fall in love’.

M.Ö. is denying all charges, but doesn’t think there was anything abnormal about him having sex with his step-daughters. “I was only young,” is his astonishing defense. He was sentenced to seven years, but is aiming for a suspended sentence in an appeal.

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