Belgium: no punishment for terrorists who planned murder of right wing politician

Three “youths” (newspeak for Muslims, in this case 17, 18 and 31 (!) years old) were arrested in Belgium in 2015 for planning the assassination of popular right wing politician Filip Dewinter (of Vlaams Belang / Flemish Interest). They stood trial this week, were found guilty, and sentenced to… well, no actual jail time. Two obvious reasons: the establishment is eager to downplay the threat of Islamic terrorism in the West, and the establishment doesn’t really care if right wing figureheads are murdered.

To be honest, it gets exhausting to exclaim “What if it had been the left?” just about every day. But seriously: what if this had been a prominent left wing politician? The mainstream outcry would be enormous, and the sentence would be more severe, I have no doubt.

The three Muslims will be monitored, are banned from visiting jihadist websites and will be forced to enter a de-radicalization program. Their lawyers asked the court to give them a second chance, and the court agreed. The terrorists are happy to end this chapter of their lives, and their extremist Muslim friends now know that they get to try again and again without serious repercussions.

So this is comforting news for Muslim terrorists in Belgium (and they have quite a few of those). Not so much for the English man who was sentenced to one year in prison for leaving bacon near a mosque, and who died in prison. Or the American man who was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for leaving bacon in a mosque.

Some animals are more equal than others indeed.

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