Belgium: Sudanese ‘refugee’ stands trial for one fight and three stabbings in one week

Prosecutors in Belgium are seeking a 12 year sentence against a Sudanese ‘refugee’ (31), for his alleged involvement in one fight and three stabbings in just one week.

Luckily, Walidin H. has a very understanding lawyer, who thinks he should not be sent to prison: “He never intended to kill anyone. His problems with aggression stem from his unhappy childhood. He has had to flee the war in his home country, and has never really known anything but war. He has always learned to solve problems with violence.”

The original article ends there, so I must have missed this wise lawyer’s explanation on why it’s still a good idea to invite hundreds of thousands of traumatized, battle-hardened young men who resort primarily to violence to solve their problems.

A Syrian ‘refugee’ in Germany had a similar “defense”. 17 year old Abdullah is on trial for the brutal stabbing of a 24 year old German woman named Vivien. She had tried to calm down an argument between Abdullah and his brother and nephew (13 and 14 years old). This was an ‘insult’ to Abdullah’s honor, so he stabbed Vivien, breaking one of her ribs and perforating her liver, stomach and kidney. She has been in a coma and only barely survived the ordeal and has sustained permanent injuries. Abdullah’s lawyer read out a statement in court, declaring:

The defendant has learned in his culture that conflicts are settled with a knife. He describes the customs in his region as follows: when one is insulted, one may stab the other person. In serious cases, one may even kill the other. The defendant believes that his behavior is not at odds with his religion and does not understand why he is being detained.

I mean…

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