Belgium: teacher rapes bullied girl (14) who came to him for help, no jail time

The establishment keeps telling that their brand of ‘justice’ is so civilized, because its punishments are humane and offers everybody infinite second chances. Except people who say things they disagree with, of course. Today’s example of super-civilized sentencing comes from Belgium:

A teacher received a five years suspended sentence for at least two counts of rape of a female student (14). That means no actual jail time unless he messes up his probation.

The girl was a victim of bullying and turned to the teacher for help. The man admitted that there had been sexual contact, but stressed that it was consensual. At least the court acknowledged that the teacher had exploited the psychologically weak state of the girl, and that their relationship was utterly unequal. In sentencing the court also took into account the personality of the man, who does not realize that his behavior was inappropriate. 

A teacher. Who penetrated a vulnerable, 14 year-old girl both vaginally and anally. Does not realize that was inappropriate.

Belgian media are unclear whether taking into account the teacher’s “personality” led to a higher sentence or a lower one. But that only means that either the sentence could have been even lower, or that not knowing rape is bad is a valid defense.

Sorry, vulnerable teenage girl, but these two rapes were on the house. That is what the left thinks civilized means. They value the lives of criminals so much that they forget about their victims entirely.


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