Belgium: ‘youths’ beat homeless man to death, no jail time

The obvious problem with the left’s exaggerated focus on perpetrators is that it has quickly resulted in a complete disregard for victims. The West’s ‘justice’ systems never fail to supply more examples: in Belgium, three ‘youths’ have been convicted of beating a homeless man to death in an unprovoked attack in December 2014. They have been convicted of suspended sentences of 40 (once) and 48 months (the other two), meaning that if they can manage to not kill anyone else for long enough they will not go to prison at all.

The Congolese-born victim fought for his life in hospital for four days, but succumbed to the brain injuries he had sustained in the attack. The perpetrators, Gaëtano R. (25), Yassine B. (22) and Gil V.E. (22) are being let off easy because ‘they are young and have shown remorse’. Gil’s got the lower sentence (40 months-but-not-really-40-months) because he had no prior convictions.

The left and the establishment oppose the death penalty, because (among other things) they say it shows disrespect for human life. Is this their answer? Is this what the life of a victim of crime is worth? Is this respect for human life? We’re really just going to let aggressive drunks, two of them known criminals apparently, beat people to death and let them go about their business without paying any price? The left-wing establishment has allowed this to become, and stay, a reality – and they have the nerve to lecture us on respect and decency?

They disgust me.


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