Bias shows after attack against Tommy Robinson: even the police are a tool in the culture war

Tommy Robinson was attacked on May 3rd while campaigning on the streets. One Danyaal Mahmud threw a milkshake on the aspiring politician, cueing a bafflingly blatant show of bias from journalists and politicians, and even the police.

Daily Mirror journalist Kevin Maguire called the attacker ‘brave’ and stated that he would like to replace the man’s drink.

Similar, but even more explicit, encouragement comes from restaurant Eat The Bird (the fact that businesses are abandoning political neutrality to actively incite attacks against opponents underlines how dominant the mainstream narrative has become).

Shy Society has collected evidence of the blatant bias of both the media and the police. Establishment journalists and politicians celebrated this attack, while they universally condemned similar attacks against left-wing politicians. Mainstream media are uncritically publishing Mahmud’s version of events as true, even though video evidence clearly shows he is lying. Police stand idly by at least three times while different people physically attack Tommy Robinson and his followers. Mahmud was escorted away after his attack, using a police car as a cabs for someone who had attacked an anti-establishment politician.

And, as Shy Society points out: if it weren’t for social media, and Tommy Robinson’s access to it, we would never have been able to find out the truth about this incident. In the mainstream media, the lie is universal.

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