Big Tech collusion to ban Tommy Robinson after exposing BBC as fake news – the left celebrates censorship again

Tommy Robinson has been banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – within 24 hours of the release of his BBC expose Panodrama. Does anybody believe in coincidences that big?

  • Muslim activist BBC employee Mohammed Shafiq is taking credit for the attempted unpersoning of Tommy Robinson.
  • Labour MP David Lammy thinks censorship is great, but thinks Big Tech was too slow, and is demanding more government control over the internet so that there can be more and quicker censorship.
  • Several high profile accounts were locked or removed after sharing Panodrama.
  • Facebook has offered no screenshots, examples or any other evidence of Tommy Robinson breaking their terms of service – not a single mainstream media outlet seems to be questioning this and they are all uncritically reprinting the statement Facebook has put out.


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