Big tech priorities: shielding adults from reality, but not kids from horror movies & FGM is okay, but not the people who oppose it

Big Tech have some interesting priorities. We have seen countless examples of harmless right-wing accounts being suspended from Twitter and Facebook (and Reddit, Youtube, etc.) – even from app stores and banking services now – while far left groups who openly advocate murder and violence are allowed to stay on these platforms, despite user reports. I have noticed another interesting element to their advertising policies:

While Youtube won’t let me and many other right-wingers monetize their videos, because that would be ‘unsuitable’ for the advertisers, and they seem technically perfectly able to target ads and videos to the appropriate audiences – for some reason, when my 2 year-old is watching his videos on Youtube, ads for horror movies and shows like The Walking Dead pop up anyway. On videos specifically for toddlers and babies! Youtube is perfectly able to prevent certain ads from appearing on certain genres of video, but they are apparently too busy protecting adults from words that might hurt their feelings to bother with protecting toddlers from gory zombie videos.

Twitter actually never allowed me to advertise for my blog profile (@Everyman_Rises), because ‘offensive content’ or something. Mine is not the most provocative account on the right, let alone that I would be part of the extreme right. I have found that there is little need to deliberately provoke the left, since reality itself is enough for them to lose their minds. They have shifted the Overton Window so far into their territory that simply citing facts is offensive to people who have never listened to anything but the mainstream media. It is very important that we have our provocateurs and some people respond best to a crude wake-up call. But other may have to be eased into the parallel reality in which we dwell outside of fairytale normie land, and I hope to be a possible gateway for this group. But, for Twitter, I am already too ‘extreme’.

What’s not too extreme for Twitter to advertise however, is female genital mutilation.

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