Bill Maher wants the economy to crash because it would look bad for Trump

The establishment has made sure over the past decades that the right is generally considered the callous, cynical, unfeeling side. In reality, the opposite is true. The left in theory is hallmarked by feel-good slogans about tolerance and acceptance, but in pratice it oppresses political opposition through violence and abuse of power. While embracing and tolerating everything (unless they don’t like it), they remain blissfully ignorant of the consequences of their actions and policies.

The fact is that their enormous and generous governments can only create if they simultaneously destroy. Giving to one person means taking from another, whether it is money or opportunity. The right is put in the unfortunate position of having to reinforce its calculating and un-emotional reputation by continuously pointing out that spending more money on X means putting a bigger burden on the economy, which ends up hurting everyone. Opening the borders makes us vulnerable to outsiders undermining our civilization, physically attacking our citizens and destroying our economy. Offering preferential treatment to some races puts other races at an automatic disadvantage. Renewable energy is nowhere near capable of covering demand and transitioning solely to fulfill political goals is a dangerous undertaking. Rehabilitating criminals is noble, but not always possible, and if the element of retribution is stripped from the justice system completely victims of crime will feel let down. Et cetera, et cetera.

So there we are. “The callous, cynical right”. But as soon as the left hits some head winds, the masks start to slip. Antifa’s escalating violent attacks on Trump supporters, and the mainstream’s approval of it, were a clear illustration. But there are some slightly more subtle examples. This week Bill Maher decided to show which side of the spectrum is the actual cold and cynical side. Now that things aren’t going the way the left wants anymore, they would rather see the country in shambles so they can come out and say “I told you so”. They will probably continue this death spiral as long as Trump is President. May their negativity be reflected in the next Presidential election.

For those in doubt, Mark Pantano explains the problem further:

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