Black man harrassed by Cheesecake Factory staff for wearing MAGA hat

The Daily Wire reports:

On Mother’s Day, employees at a Cheesecake Factory in Miami, Florida, verbally attacked and made threatening gestures toward a black man who dined with his girlfriend’s family simply because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to multiple witnesses interviewed by The Daily Wire.

Employees from a large company in the US verbally attacked, insulted and threatened a customer for his political affiliation. They called him the N-word, told him they wanted to punch him, screaming and him and intimidating him. Other customers were affected by the scene, including an elderly woman and a young girl.

While The Cheesecake Factory has apologized to Mr Joseph and has fired two of the staff members responsible, it’s not quite the complete national shutdown Starbucks staged in the name of virtue signalling. It was over the top for Starbucks, and it would be over the top for The Cheesecake Factory – but it sends a clear message about which side of the political spectrum large corporations tend to cater to.

Perhaps more interesting: does this ever happen the other way around? We have seen countless examples in the past two years alone of people being harrassed and physically attacked for showing their support for President Trump. Is the leftist bubble sharing similar stories on their end of the spectrum? Because I suspect left-wingers walk around fairly comfortably wearing images of the actual terrorist mass murderer Che Guevara and communist symbols, which are dripping with the blood of millions and should be as socially inexcusable as the swastika, but aren’t because the left has been dominating the culture over the past decades.

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