Break the Big Tech information monopoly – don’t let Facebook and Twitter control your news feed

I recently started True News Hub, combining news feeds from the most popular, reliable non-establishment, right-leaning news outlets. The goal is to do my part in offering people on the right different ways of following the news and reducing our reliance on Big Tech. I am hoping it will grow big enough to restore some of the traffic to these news outlets that Big Tech interventions have taken away over the years. Already, Twitter and Facebook are making it difficult to grow my reach, while building an audience without them is near-impossible.

Facebook gave me my first ‘fake news’ strike for sharing a link to a Daily Wire article titled Democrat Amy Klobuchar Declined To Prosecute Cop At Center Of George Floyd Death After Previous Conduct Complaints, Report Says. The fact checker states that Klobuchar was involved in the decision and had just left her job as county attorney.

I greatly value accurate news and think fact checking in itself is a good thing. However, the way in which it is being done by Facebook and Twitter now opens the door to abuse of power – and Big Tech’s power over the flow information has no match in Western society at the moment. Moreover: we have seen countless times that Big Tech has a clear partisan bias against the right. A recipe for disaster, and the very reason I started
True News Hub in the first place.

Facebook calls its fact checker independent. But no news source is unbiased. In the wake of Twitter’s feud with President Trump, in which Twitter labeled tweets from the President as misleading and hid them for glorifying violence (while leaving more misleading and more violent tweets from foreign governments’ official accounts unchecked until pressed on the double standard), Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is ‘no arbiter of truth‘. But in deciding what is fake news and what it isn’t, they leave no room for differences of interpretation.

A better way to fight the spread of fake news is to automatically offer different viewpoints for any news story shared on the platform, and then to do so for all news outlets, including the establishment favorites.

The consequence for (automatically) sharing the Daily Wire article on my True News Hub Facebook account is that Facebook may limit my page reach and ban me from advertising on the platform. Did CNN get these threats after pushing the Russian collusion hoax? Or the Charlottesville ‘fine people’ hoax (which CNN still continues to spread)? Or the Jussie Smollett hoax?

The question is: when does inaccurate reporting become ‘fake news’? The only way to avoid becoming an ‘arbiter of truth’ is to offer all news outlets the same treatment and by neutrally offering different viewpoints to all news articles. That is not what Facebook is doing. I am nobody, I have very little reach – and Facebook is already stifling my growth. Their bots can automatically detect whether my account spreads ‘fake news’, but they still can’t manage to show previews when I post a link to True News Hub (even though no other website is having issues with this, Facebook support is refusing to resolve the problem).

Twitter already doesn’t allow me to advertise to grow my audience (same goes for my Rise of the Everyman Twitter account).

So I ask you: spread the news on Big Tech, but don’t get the news from Big Tech. Go to, make it your start page and add it to the home screen on your smart phone. Don’t let Big Tech control your news feed.

But please, do help us grow our reach and make sure more people find their way out of the Big Tech stranglehold. Follow:

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