Brussels: ‘youths’ ambush off-duty cops outside police station

Last Tuesday a group of ‘youths’ knocked a police officer unconscious with a brick. Another officer, and witness to the attack, tells Belgian media this is not the first such attack, adding that police are ordered not to crack down in the area because there are a lot of asylum seekers in and around the park. “If we can’t even feel safe in our own station, where does it end?”

The victim had just left the police station after finishing his shift and as he waited in his car at a red light, his attackers started hurling bricks. One of the attackers threw a brick through the open window straight into the victim’s face. The man was immediately knocked out and may suffer permanent loss of hearing.

This is not a one-time occurrence. The anonymous officer adds that this has been going on for years, police are regularly pelted with eggs and rocks and supervisors even ask officers to avoid the Maximiliaanpark. The presence of a large concentrations of asylum seekers make the issue extra sensitive, as the interviewed officer shares that police are ordered to stand down in the area, but that they are starting to feel unsafe in the police station.

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