Change is in the air

Something is brewing. It’s obvious that the left is trying hard to retain its power and its dominance in the (mainstream) public domain, but the scales in the culture war are tipping more and more to the right. The establishment is eager to regulate the internet and limit free speech because it is the last bastion of independent thought. They get to steer us and mold us from the first time we set foot inside a school and they don’t leave us alone when we watch TV, go to the movies, read a newspaper or even watch sports.

In all those institutions the right is tolerated at best, but barely and in very limited quantities. In some cases the right shut out completely. But online, with little or no moderation and no fear of social backlash (“If you have to fear social backlash, maybe that shows you should change your views” “No, it shows that lefties are fundamentally intolerant“) the right comes out on top. Ours is a digital revolution, and it is becoming impossible to ignore. Slowly, common sense is finding its way into the arena’s which used to be designated pro-establishment terrain.

The political arena: Brexit and Trump are the best-known examples. Then there the right-wing government in Austria, Victor Orbán’s re-election in Hungary, Marine Le Pen’s impressive run for the presidency in France and two referendums in The Netherlands in 2016 and 2018 (and third one possibly in the making) both of which rejected the establishment position.

In education, the right has one of the best known professors of the moment in Dr Jordan Peterson. On TV, we have Roseanne in the US, and comedian Jonatan Spang in Denmark. The video below went viral, in which he destroys Sweden’s ritual suicide on the altar of political correctness. He is funny, sharp, to the point and takes effective shots at many of the left’s biggest talking points. We need more of this. Reality is winning people over for the right in droves, but some TV-friendly comedy and some kind faces will certainly give an extra boost.

Enjoy Jonatan Spang’s ‘humoristic Marshall help’ for Sweden:

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