Che Guevara is now also an energy drink, and a sponsor for the “Tour de Corse”

Che Guevara Energy Drink has signed a contract with the French Motor Sports Federation to become the title sponsor of the “Tour de Corse” rally.

Its makers call Che the “drink of freedom”. What the drink actually embodies, is that as long as you are a socialist, you have the freedom to be a racist, anti-gay, psychopathic mass murderer and terrorist, and still be revered and idolized by the very people who think of themselves as the anti-racist, pro-gay, peaceloving, tolerant crowd.

I am just going to quote from the comments on Dutch social media, because there is not much to add to this: the dominance of the left is so overwhelming that they manage to market one of their great murderers time and time again, while reasonable, non-violent right-wingers are portrayed as the worst of the worst. The left has got our entire society by the balls, and it has for over half a century now.

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